RapidWeld™ STW

Waferless Sterile Welding - RapidWeld™ STW

  • Waferless Sterile Welding
  • Touch Screen Interface
  • Infrared Heating
  • Unique Patented Clamps

The RapidWeld™ STW

  • yields accurate, reliable, sterile welds without the requirement of a heated consumable copper wafer. 
  • can improve operator efficiency and maximize the shelf life of valuable blood products.
  • sterile tube welder is an approved sterile connection device with the ability to produce non-contaminating welds.
  • is easy to use, cost effective and an eco-friendly device designed to produce sterile welds using an innovative approach to sterile tube welding.







1 piece

RapidWeld™ STW Sterile Tube Welder