Agglutination plate for blood grouping

  • Reduces the processing steps
  • No suspension necessary
  • Special environment friendly material allows a fast antigen-antibody reaction
  • Security rims around the cavities
  • Faster reactions, shorter incubation as in other models
  • Injuries caused by damaged glass- or porcelain plates are avoided
  • Eco-Plate-40 reduces the waste material by 85%
  • Gentle agiation. No mixing devices are required
  • Low danger of dryingup if the Eco-Plates-40 are stored in the incubation box
EP-40g1 piece

Eco-Plate-40, transparent
100 units/box

IB-TP1 piece

Incubation box for 2 Eco-Plate-40 each
5 units/box